Covid Worship Update 6.1.21

Covid Worship Update 5.1.21

We are meeting in person and online to glorify Christ together at 9:30AM Sunday mornings!

If you wish to join us in person, masks are required and we encourage you to social distance. Your health and safety are of our utmost concern. We have extra masks and hand sanitizer has been placed in every pew. Please also fellowship outside following the service. Our nursery is currently closed.

You may also join us online at We invite you to add your name to our Virtual Guest Book at

Please contact the church office for updates on how Covid has impacted group gatherings and other events.

Christ's Peace,
Pastors Laura and Keith

Thursday, May 28, 2020

On Line Giving

A great big thank you to all of you who continue to give financially to the church during these interesting times.  We know that the Holy Spirit is still working in and through our church even through we aren't meeting collectively yet.  We are working on plans for that and will keep you posted as things progress.

We wanted to let you know that the church now has an online giving option that is handled through the Presbyterian Foundation.  You can set up your giving through this option, your gift can be recurring or one-time.  Reports are sent to Ellen Barton.  At the end of the month, your gifts are transferred directly into our church General Fund Account.  Here is the link:

We will soon have a "Give Now" link on our website that will take people to that sight. Typically, the admin fee is 2% of your gift but right now it has been dropped to 1%.  There is an option to increase your gift to cover that fee so the church gets the entire amount you want to give.

We (the Hudson's) gave our June gift online and it worked very well.  Please note that the first page you go to on the link won't say First Presbyterian Church of La Grande.  At least not yet.  We are creating an image with the church name that will be put on that page soon.

As always, the opportunity to mail your gift to the church or drop it off at 1308 Washington is still available.

Again, thank you to continue supporting the life and ministry of First Presbyterian Church!

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