Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Midweek Connection 8.21.20

 Hi, Friends-Here is our Midweek Connection for today with some beautiful music from Mary Helen.

During the announcements, we talk about a couple of things that you will need more info for:

Nov 1 is All Saints Day!  And don't forget to fall back an hour on your clocks.  This year, instead of the usual reading of the names like we have done in the past during worship, we are inviting you to send us the name and picture of a loved one who has passed and has now entered as a saint in the heavenly realm.  We will make a video to share with the congregation.  Please email the name and picture to  We need those pictures and names by noon Oct 28.

Christmas Eve Survey.  Due to Covid, Christmas Eve is going to have to look very different this year.  We need your help as we decide how to move forward and plan accordingly.  Here is the link to a survey that we need you to respond by noon on Oct 28.

And Laura will send out info on her Story Legacy class soon!

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