Saturday, August 1, 2020

Worship Info for 8.2.20

Good day, saints!  We hope this information finds you well! 

Here is the link to Sunday's service:

Prayer Requests
  • Prayers for Annette's brother Craig who has improved
  • Prayers for Carlene as she recovers from shoulder surgery
  • Prayers for Teresa's continued healing
  • Flo and Bill as they make some life transitions and especially Bill as he had a recent fall.
  • Prayers for Sam's broken heels
  • Thanksgiving for Sherry's double lung transplant; continued prayers for complete healing. 
  • For Union County; may all of us make wise decisions about protecting ourselves and others from COVID-19
  • For racial justice and peace in our nation
  • An end to violence in all its forms
  • The family of Lucy and Tony for health concerns
  • Ongoing prayers for Steve and Cindy
  • Family members who are suffering from mental illness
  • Our schools as they move forward with dealing with Covid

Zoom Coffee Hour  will happen at 10 am on Sunday, link is below. 
  • Please mute yourself upon entry to the Zoom room.  We will be trying to facilitate the flow of conversation, and muting yourself when you are not talking is helpful. 
  • We will allow free-flow conversation later in the meeting, but at first we will invite you to tell a story of a moment of connection you have experienced in the past couple of weeks...connection with nature, other people, yourself, God--whatever story comes to you to share.  Hudsons will start and then share the opportunity to speak by mutual invitation.
  • We will close no later than 11 am with prayer

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