Saturday, June 13, 2020

Worship for 6.14.20

Here is the link for Sunday's Worship service

Many thanks to Roberta Smythe who did the editing and uploading this week.
And thanks to Mary Helen for some wonderful music!

Prayer Requests
  • Prayers for Annette's brother Craig
  • Prayers for Teresa's continued healing
  • Flo and Bill as they make some life transitions
  • Prayers for Sam's broken heels
  • Thanksgiving for Sherry's double lung transplant and excellent recovery so far; continued prayers for complete healing. 
  • For Union County; may all of us make wise decisions about protecting ourselves and others from COVID-19
  • For racial justice and peace in our nation
  • An end to violence in all its forms
Zoom Coffee Hour  will happen at 10 am on Sunday, link is below. 
  • Please mute yourself upon entry to the Zoom room.  We will be trying to facilitate the flow of conversation, and muting yourself when you are not talking is helpful. 
  • We will allow free-flow conversation later in the meeting, but at first we will invite you to share briefly with each other in relation to this question, "Where have you seen God this week?" We will start and then share the opportunity to speak by mutual invitation.
  • We will close no later than 11 am with prayer
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