Thursday, March 19, 2020

Getting out for needs

Hi, Friends-we have a great group of people that have volunteered to help folks who may not want to leave their homes due to CV-19!  We were thinking this would be a great way to to get people groceries and household goods.  Not sure how it would work for prescription drugs, but it we can pick up over the counter meds easily. 

Here is what we will have you do.  If you have email, send me an email with your needs, your phone number, and your address.  If you don't have email, call our cell phone 541-786-8281 and leave a detailed message if we don't answer.   I'll forward your info out to the volunteers and hopefully get someone on it pretty quick.  The person getting your items will give you a call to go over your list to make sure they get the right items.  They will keep the receipt and when they come to your house to deliver, you can pay them back.  If for some reason you can't pay them back at that moment (you are out of cash or have run out of checks), we will work something out through the church's HELP fund until later.

Remember to plan ahead!  Line this up before you are on your last roll of toilet paper.  We will try to get someone out shopping for you ASAP, but we can't guarantee it!

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